Saturday, June 16, 2012

Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic Review

With busy jobs and busy social lives, who really has time to sleep anymore? However with little sleep comes lots of problems, one of these being dark under eye circles. When I found 'Confessions of a Concealaholic' I was hoping I'd found a solution to this problem

This kit contains:
- "that gal" brightening face primer
- Erase Paste concealer                                    
- Boi-ing concealer (in 2 different shades)
- Lemon Aid colour correcting eyelid primer
- Eye Bright eye brightener

So really this is a 5-in-1 review

1) "that gal" brightening face primer
I was quite surprised but this was probably my favourite product of the kit. I found that it really does brighten up the face and create a nice base for applying make up. I was expecting it to have a similar texture to 'Dr feelgood complexion balm' but it has a really nice texture, not powdery at all. I'm not sure if it made my makeup last any longer but it creates a nice dewy finish to your make up.

2) Erase Paste concealer
This was the product I was most disappointed with out of the Confessions of a Concealaholic set. After reading lots of reviews I expected it to completely hide any dark circles however when I got it it really didn't do much in terms of coverage. It didn't last particularly long and I found that I ended up putting my trusty Rimmel London Match Perfection concealer over the Erase Paste which disappointed me. The colour was slightly too dark for my skin tone which is probably part of the problem so I may try it in a lighter shade in the future.

3) Boi-ing concealer
This comes in two shades which is great for different skin tones and you can mix them together to get the exact colour you want. It had a nice texture and had better coverage than Erase Paste. It still didn't completely hide dark circles but it is good at covering blemishes. I may consider buying the full sized product however it definitely isn't the perfect concealer

4) Lemon Aid colour correcting eyelid primer

This was another product I was pleasantly surprised with. I never really felt the need to purchase an eyelid primer however this definitely changed my view. Lemon Aid really does do what it says. It hides all redness and provides a nice base for long lasting eyeshadow.

5) Eye Bright eye brightenener I really don't know what do think about this product. You put a bit of the product on the inside of your eyes and it wakes up your face and brightens up your eyes. It's a nice texture and seems to be long lasting however I'm not sure I see the point of it. A bit of white eyeshadow can do the exact same job for much cheaper.

Overall I have mixed views about the Confessions of a Concealaholic kit. Some definite pros are "that gal" and lemon aid. The brushes are relatively good quality and they are each labelled for the product they are to be used for which is useful. The kit is a useful size and easy to carry around and so far it seems that the products are a good enough size to last long enough. However I would say the main disadvantages are the actual concealers which are nice to use but not the best I've tried.

Do you have a similar or different experience with this set? Do you have any tips for  how I could use it? Any questions on any of the products? 
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  1. Great post, I just found a good concealer - max factor master touch, don't know what I did without it! I guess it depends on skin tone mostly with concealers :)
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I'm following you now :)

    Karys x

  2. This is a super helpful review, thank you! I'd heard great things about the Erase paste, but the price is what's putting me off..

    Lucy x

  3. Great review, I've been needing a concealer kit like this...I might think about checking it out now :)

  4. The products look so great! I've been aching to try a maybelline or Revlon concealer but still have to go find a match for my skin!

  5. Interesting post, I'd quite like to try this out. The only Benefit skin treatment I've tried is Porefessional which I like.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  6. Hi again! Thanks so much for the comment/follow on my blog. I'm following you now, too! :)

    P.S. The dvd case is just a little cardboard bottle and the dvds sit in the middle and they slide out when you want to use one. It's pretty unique!

  7. Concise and to the point review. i also lost much hope in erase paste, even though I wanted to have it so badly b4.
    Following u now

  8. I love the look of these packages (: and yes, I would love tot follow each other.


    ps. Join my giveaway and win the most beautiful sapphire necklace!

  9. love the vintage look of the packages now i want this kit even though i never wear make up

  10. Nice review :)
    By the way I have followed your blog, follower number 35..
    Can't wait for you to follow me back :)


  11. Great and helpfull review! Hope to see you back soon on my blog! follow me of you like! I will.follow you back ofcourse :)


  12. Thanks for your review :)
    I love this kit very much!!!!
    Amy xx


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