Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bare Minerals Getting Started Kit Review

I have always wanted to try bareMinerals so I thought the best way to test it out would be to get the Getting Started Kit and I am so glad that I bought this set! I've never tried mineral make-up before and I definitely wasn't disappointed, it's so different to any make-up I've ever tried before. I got the medium version of the kit from for £41.65 (buy it here) which may sound expensive but I think it's amazing value for what it includes. 

This kit contains:
- bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer 15ml
- 2 x bareMinerals SPF15 Original Foundation 2g - Medium & Medium Beige
- bareMinerals Original Mineral Veil 2g
- bareMinerals Warmth All-Over Face Colour 1.5g
- bareMinerals Full Flawless Face Brush
- bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush
- bareMinerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
- bareMinerals Get Started DVD

Prime Time
This primer is great. It has a very slightly oily texture so the powders cling to it but it's soft and feels great on your skin. The very smallest bit lasts a really long time to I reckon that this tube will last for a very long time. It comes out clear and just feels like the perfect base to apply make up to.


SPF15 Original Foundation
I love these foundations!  I bought the medium version of this kit so I got the foundation in medium and medium-beige. They are great sizes and I think they'll last for ages. One of the things I love most about this set is the 'Click, Lock, Go' sifters (see the picture below) which keeps the mess that I was expecting with a powder based make-up to an absolute minimum. Another thing which I was pleasantly surprised with was that they are great for dry skin! They almost seem creamy once they've been applied to the skin. I was also a bit skeptical about the coverage as I felt that I needed lots of coverage but that is one of the best things about bareMinerals. Rather than cover up your skin they enhance it and just make it look great. You can apply however much you want to achieve the perfect coverage for you.

Warmth is basically a bronzer which you apply anywhere light naturally hits your face. It gives a really natural glow to your face and blends amazingly like all the bareMinerals products. I only use a very small amount of this product as a little goes a very long way.

Mineral Veil
This finishing powder basically makes your skin look flawless. It hides any fine lines and makes the skin look smooth. It's very light so it barely feels like your wearing any make-up and it's long lasting. I feel that it doesn't hide shiny skin very well so I apply a different powder over on my nose. This powders turns translucent so there would be no point doing a swatch.

The brushes that came with this set are absolutely fantastic. They are perfect for the products, I don't think the products would be anywhere near as effective if I used different brushes. I use the full flawless face brush for the foundations and the mineral veil, the flawless face brush for the warmth and the max coverage concealer brush to apply the foundation in any areas I want slightly more coverage

Another aspect of this product that is brilliant in that it comes with so much direction. The DVD that comes with it is great as it clearly demonstrates the technique to use to make the most of the products.

Final Verdict: I LOVE this set and would recommend it to anyone. It may be expensive but definitely worth the money for what you get. If you haven't tried mineral make-up before its definitely different but really great to use

Do you have a similar or different experience with this set? Do you have any tips for  how I could use it? Any questions on any of the products? 
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  1. I used to use mineral powder but realized it made my face breakout ^^ So I'm not a big fan of mineral powder ^^

    Lovely post the brushes look great, reminds me that I need to get my hands on some new brushes hehe.

    Love from your newest follower, Emi

    1. Aw no! That must be annoying! I'd definitely recommend these brushes after trying them! Thanks for following :) I'll check out your blog now

  2. Love Bare Minerals !!!
    Thanks for your follow, i follow you back now ;)

    ✿ ✿

  3. I wonder how much it would cost

    1. The cheapest ive seen it is £41.65 at

  4. I have heard so many good things about Bare Minerals. It definitely seems like a brand I need to try. Great review!

  5. bare minerals is my fav makeup brand!

  6. I've always been interested in bare minerals! thanks for sharing the review : )

    xo SideSmile,

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  7. lovely review. I have always wanted to try bare minerals. ICome and visit my blog, if you like it I would love it if you followed me.

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  8. A great review! I haven't tried Bare Minerals myself but maybe I could someday :) I'm now following you! Would you like to follow me back?

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  11. Looks great! ♥
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  12. I've never tried them!! Hopefully someday...

  13. Great post, I actually bought this set last year and used it a lot, now I can't find the concealer anymore and need to find it, have too much make up in my drawers ! It is an excellent set, I also recommend it especially for warm weather ! xxx

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    1. Yeah I agree :) I just use the foundation with the concealer brush as a concealer. It works great :)

  14. Great review!! Wanting to try it for some try now!! May be I'll go for it now!! :) :)


  15. I have always wanted to try bare minerals. After reviewing this post, I think I will buy a starter kit as well. Thanks for the tips, great blog!

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  17. it does sound a bit pricey at first, but when you think what you get for this price it's all worth it!

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  23. great review! I've wanted to get my hands on this set for ages! Can never come to paying the price though :( Think I'll finally give it a go soon x

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  25. BareMinerals- I love the brand! Have come up with quite a few pieces that I'd like to add to my cosmetics case, but I haven't found any retails here in Greece. Thinking of purchasing them via Amazon. Thanks for sharing you opinion on the products!
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  28. Wow, that sounds interesting!
    Definitely makes me want to try out the starter kit as well :)

  29. this starting kit looks great! i like bare minerals products, but i don't have a lot of it. the brushes look amazing as well! :D

    <3, Mimi
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